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Malibu homes for sale are essentially treasure to the people who live on this beach. When looking for a home in California, you need to go to Malibu. When looking for a home in Malibu… you NEED to see the ocean. After driving slightly north of Santa Monica, you’ll reach the 21 miles of beautiful Malibu scenery all along the Pacific Coast Hwy.

But what makes Malibu special?

21 miles of natural beauty. The colors of the ocean that change with the seasons. Beautiful foothills that frame the coast. Summer heat waves or pounding rainstorms in February. The moods of the season is what makes Malibu so special. Not to mention the people. When you live in Malibu, there is no doubt that you will find the most interesting people. Our town is filled with all walks of life, and everyone who calls Malibu home falls in love. People from all walks of life find their way to the Malibu seas at some point in their life time.
The homes. If you have ever visualized your dream home, you can most likely find it right here in the area. From the west end to the east end, this beautiful scenic area has absolutely everything. Well, everything except for a snow cabin since it tends to be 70 degrees and sunny throughout most of the seasons. Although I do remember it snowing in 1976, in the foothills above Malibu park.

Whether it be a Malibu beach house right next to the pier, or a Point Dume house with a path leading right to the beach, I am able to use my local knowledge to find the best view.

But what is the best view you may ask?

Here are some of the best beaches in Malibu to live by:

1. Malibu Colony Beach

Located behind the private gates of Malibu Colony, people are drawn to this exclusive enclave. As a great family neighborhood and quiet locale, it is an amazing place to raise your children. This beach represents some of the priciest and most sought after real estate in Malibu, not to mention the world.

2. Point Dume

If you get lucky enough to snag a house near Point Dume, you will experience an endless amount of sunsets, hikes, walks along the beach, and miles of gorgeous views. It is difficult to describe in words how amazing the lifestyle is here. Please read my blog about Point Dume.

3. Carbon Beach

This gem of a beach is home to some of the most impressive real estate spots in Malibu. Carbon Beach itself is know for its out-of-this-world paradise for surfers and swimmers alike. The homes located near Carbon may be facing the view, but at the same time, they create the view. These houses have such extravagant architecture that tourists cannot resist taking a picture with these grand structures.

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