January 2018

Malibu Luxury Real Estate is Stronger Than Ever

Malibu luxury real estate is highly sought after, because of its stunning views and lavish homes. It is home to some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, so Malibu homes are often high in price. Many think owning property in Malibu is not practical. After observing past and current market trends, 2018 is looking to be the strongest year for Malibu luxury real estate yet. I can help make your dream of owning a...

Malibu CA Real Estate: Why You Want in Now

Malibu CA real estate has always been highly sought after, due to its ideal location and stunning views. Because of my involvement in this career for so many years, you can trust me when I say that real estate in this area of California keeps rising exponentially and the market is hot. I’m about to explain the reasons for why you want in on a piece of Malibu CA real estate. Malibu CA Real Estate: Why You...

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