Best Neighborhoods in LA: Why Malibu is in Such High Demand

Best Neighborhoods in LA: Malibu

Malibu sunset best neighborhoods in LA

Malibu, CA is one of the most sought-after, best neighborhoods in LA, and for many reasons. For many, Malibu is the quintessential image of sun-kissed California. It sports temperatures above 70 degrees all-year round, gorgeous sunsets, famous beaches along the entire coast, good surf, and a laid-back atmosphere.

This beautiful LA suburb owes its name to the indigenous population of Chumash Native Americans who named the city Humaliwo, or “the surf sounds loudly.” Since the building of Pacific Coast Highway in the late 1920s, Malibu has become a favorite beach and vacation spot for those traveling to the west coast. It has also become a highly envied place to live for those seeking to settle down in Los Angeles. Here are some of the top reasons why Malibu, CA is known to be one of the best neighborhoods in LA.

1. Best neighborhoods in LA: Malibu’s Stunning Natural Beauty

Of course, the sunsets of Malibu are famous all over the world. Restaurants along the oceanside provide a gorgeous view of the ocean. Places like this include Nobu and The Sunset.

But more than that, Malibu is filled with maritime wildlife such as whales, seals, and dolphins. It also is home to several beautiful cliffs, caves, and trails such as in Point Dume, Corral Canyon, and Malibu Creek.

Malibu Creek best neighborhoods in LA

Malibu Cliff best neighborhoods in LA

2. Best neighborhoods in LA: Malibu’s Seclusion and Privacy

The seclusion of Malibu makes it a hotspot for a celebrity retreat. Homes high on top of cliffs or next to the ocean provide privacy that attracts everyone from Cher to Larry Ellison. Bob Dylan and Adam Sandler also have or have had homes here.

Malibu is also one of the best neighborhoods in LA for singles seeking to buy a home (or even a second home). Not only is it a great getaway from the hectic heart of the city, it is a stunning place to host private parties.

Malibu secluded private best neighborhoods in LA

 3. Best neighborhoods in LA: A Safe Place for Families

Malibu is known to be an extremely friendly and safe place to live and start a family. For this reason, retired celebrities and businessmen often flock to the ‘Bu to settle down and live a more relaxed life.

Local schools such as Malibu High, Juan Cabrillo Elementary School and Our Lady of Malibu provide families with safe, small-sized communities to send children to.

Malibu is also home to Pepperdine University, a distinguished university that brings thousands of young people to the city every year.

Malibu High best neighborhoods in LA

4. Best neighborhoods in LA: Health and Surf

Malibu is famous for having one of the best surfs in the world. At any given day, you will see surfers lining down Point Dume and other beaches from as early as 6 in the morning. Other famous surf beaches in Malibu include:

Beginning in the 1950s, surfers began to swarm Malibu beaches as chick flicks sent tons of people rushing to the West Coast for fun in the sun. Today, Malibu is as popular as ever. The tourists come to soak in the sun and marvel at the million-dollar cliffside homes, and the celebrities and wealthy businesspeople come for the privacy and prestige.

Malibu Surf best neighborhoods in LA

Another reason why Malibu is considered one of the best neighborhoods in LA is the local community’s belief in supporting local, organic produce. Places like Vintage Grocers and PC Greens sell produce planted and harvested in Malibu. Local produce keeps the community healthy and  the city’s commercial business as well. The Malibu Farmer’s Market, held every Sunday by Cross Creek, is also a hub for locals to restock on supplies, eat at various stalls filled with scrumptious new foods, and catch up with other locals.

Malibu Farmer's Market best neighborhoods in LA

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