Your Malibu Beach House Awaits You

Malibu Knowledge is Power
The power of local knowledge should be the determining factor when considering to purchase or lease a home in Malibu, more specifically a Malibu beach house. With that in mind, you are in luck as real estate agent and guru Matt Rapf is a third-generation Malibu local with a great appreciation for beautiful estates that exemplify the true meaning of ocean living.

The Man Behind Your Malibu Beach House
Matt Rapf was born and raised in Malibu, growing up in Malibu Colony which is just a short walk from the beautiful campus of Pepperdine University. Now Matt lives in Point Dume with his wife and two children, still living in his native land of Malibu and sticking with his generational roots of Malibu living and appreciation. Matt has been a Malibu real estate agent for over 25 years, but has been involved in the trade much longer because of his late mother Carol Rapf, who for several decades was considered to many to be the queen of Malibu real estate.

The Malibu Beach House Extras
Malibu has a plethora of amenities that are sure to captivate you and your family during your new journey as Malibu residents, ensuring that there is never a dull moment under the Malibu sun. Even if you’ve never surfed a day in your life or if you’re considered as one of the world’s best, Malibu offers different levels of surfing locations to accommodate all ranges of skill levels. All of this falls along roughly 27 miles of coast line beaches that not only provide great surfing, but other water activities and simply just stunning ocean views to soak up the sun to while spotting dolphins in the distance. There are dozens of great places to dine throughout Malibu from local spots that offer authenticity at great prices to five star restaurants that provide a sense of exclusive luxury. Other activities offered in Malibu can range from art museums to safari wine adventures to Malibu star’s home tours to hiking in the mountains to your weekly shopping where you are destined to run into familiar faces on the movie screen. Although Malibu is known globally as a hot spot for tourist activities and consistent celebrity sightings, the Malibu area is relatively small in population which gives it a sense of exclusivity with a tight knit community.

Some Malibu Beach House Luxuries Include:
• 25-year local real estate agent, Matt Rapf
• 27-mile stretch of coast line beaches
o Surfing
o Mediterranean style views
o Beaches
• Authentic and luxurious restaurants
• Museums
• Wine tours
• Celebrity tours
• Great shopping
• Mountains (hiking)
• State parks
• Malibu Pier
• Pepperdine University
• Tight knit community

Malibu Beach House Calling
If you are looking for a vacation feel in a permanent location that continually offers a surfer’s paradise, celebrity presence, great vibes, and overall great people then a Malibu beach house is exactly what you need. You can get all of this along with consistent beautiful weather no matter if you’re right off the water of the Malibu coast or in the mountains looking at a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean from your window.

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