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Malibu Road is located parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California that nests hundreds of multi-million dollar homes on the beachfront of Malibu. The road is known to some locals as “Old Malibu Road”, which its name shows its long history in the quiet beach town of Malibu. The road starts near the Malibu Country Mart on the beach side, cuts behind the Chevron Gas Station near Civic Center way and connects back to the Pacific Coast Highway near Corral Canyon by Malibu Seafood. Take a drive down Old Malibu Road and take a look at the world-class real estate. The ideal setup is the beachfront side with direct access to the beach known to some locals as “Ralph’s Beach” (due to its proximity to the Ralph’s Grocery Store in the Malibu Colony). There are less homes on the hill side of Malibu Road, as a huge stretch of the area is occupied by hiking trails known as the Malibu Bluffs area. Here are a couple reasons why you should live on the legendary Old Malibu Road.


Why You Should Live on Malibu Road


Direct Access to the Beach


What’s better than waking up to the sound of waves crashing and seagulls? Having stairs that go straight from your home to the beach. Yes, it is almost like having a private beach in your backyard but really it isn’t public. Technically there are a few “public” entry points that are usually camouflaged by the homeowners to be hidden from public access. Most people enter the beach from the end of Malibu Road where it connects back to Pacific Coast Highway near Corral Canyon, but less people know of the “secret” entrances all along Malibu Road. That makes the beach by Malibu Road one of the most secluded beaches in Malibu. Here is a list of beaches in Malibu:


Private Beach Vibe


As mentioned above, we all are looking for that private beach villa dream house. Here in the Los Angeles area, Malibu is as close as you can get to that as possible. Close enough but not too far away from the city, Malibu is the perfect commute from a busy city life to a relaxed-beach life. If you are a lover of nature and enjoy ocean activities, there is no better spot to live than having the Pacific Ocean in your backyard. Surfing is an iconic sport that has a long deep-rooted history in Malibu, as many legendary surfers surf the waves in Malibu on a regular basis. During the winter, the long hitting South Swell provides great conditions for surfing, and the beautiful weather in Southern California makes it even more picturesque.




In conclusion, Malibu Road is the ideal place to live in Los Angeles. Other from the reasons provided above, there are so much more this road holds that only takes you a trip down to understand. You can have the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains just from your balcony; you can live the busy life in Los Angeles during the day and relax on the beach at night. There are no better places to live in the world than a beachfront house in Old Malibu Road.

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