Why To Choose Malibu Colony Real Estate

Why To Choose Malibu Colony Real Estate

Imagine a gated haven of solitude surrounded by white sands and glowing waters, not a cloud in the sky above. In addition, an air of the highest luxury encloses the grounds like a forcefield against the outside world. It may seem that only heaven can be described this way, but perhaps you haven’t heard of Malibu Colony.

Welcome to the most elite neighborhood in Los Angeles. With no public entrance and therefore private access to Malibu Colony Beach, the community feels very much like a stunning, first-class safe haven from the city of Los Angeles and Malibu tourists. If that’s not enough, here’s why else to choose Malibu Colony Real Estate.


Its no secret that Malibu is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country. It boasts famous sunsets, surfers, and waters that compete with the sky for the prettiest color of blue. A plethora of hiking regions and waterfalls are only a short drive away thanks to the close proximity of the Santa Monica Mountains. There’s no shortage of restaurant options of almost every cuisine, including some of the most luxurious restaurants in LA like Nobu and Mastro’s. The town’s general beach-luxury vibe is exemplified by exclusive clubs such as Soho House Malibu. Malibu Colony Real Estate also happens to be minutes away from Malibu Country Mart. Country Mart is an outdoor center thats filled with restaurants and shopping, and home to stores like Michael Stars, Oliver Peoples, and L’Occitane.

Be Among the A List

If you’re looking to be among the rich and famous, that’s reason enough to make Malibu Colony your new home. The neighborhood has housed elite residents such as Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, Jim Carrey, and Edward Norton. However, Malibu’s most famous inhabitants are known for prioritizing their privacy and concealment from paparazzi and mega-fans. Luckily, the exclusivity of the Colony certainly satisfies that need.

The Beach

With the world-renowned surf culture and postcard-esque views, its no surprise that locals and tourists swarm Malibu beaches at almost any time of year. Any common beachgoer, especially the locals who greet tourists with eye rolls and attitudes, would vouch for the pricelessness of having a Malibu beach to yourself. The Colony provides private access to Malibu Colony Beach, also known as Malibu Beach. This beach, which is essentially the backyard of Malibu Colony homes, has no official public access to it. A private beach directly outside your home? You may have struck real estate gold.

Hollywood History

The Colony is also known for its famous history and sense of community. Since the 1920’s, legendary stories of the stars that lived, worked, and played in the Colony are still passed around among locals today. When the mile-long stretch of beach was rented out to Hollywood’s celebrities in the 20’s, it was dubbed “The Malibu Movie Colony”. Being a resident in the Colony means you are coming after many great moments. Charlie Chaplin played tennis on the first court built there and Robert Redford watched Mary Tyler Moore walk on the beach. Celebrities partied and played then, but the community feeling still stands today. Now, the Colony is an ideal, safe place for children to grow up and for families to thrive in a tight-knit little beach town.

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