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Malibu is a prime location for luxury real estate in the Greater Los Angeles area. Malibu has been an iconic destination for luxury home buyers. Many of these home buyers include celebrities, musicians, and successful business owners. That is why there is a high concentration of famous people living in Malibu, and chances are if you take a stroll down to Cross Creek area or the Pavillions grocery store area, you might be able to see some celebrities hanging out and enjoying the amazing Malibu weather.


Luxury is no stranger to Malibu. In Malibu, you are able to enjoy world-class views of the Pacific Ocean, dine at one of the many luxury restaurants, your options are unlimited. Some of the most iconic restaurants in Malibu include Nobu, Maestros, and also the iconic Neptune’s Net in North Malibu. These beachfront restaurants not only have delicious food, they also boast panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles Bay. Nobu is famous for its sushi and seafood selection, also there are a lot of celebrities who would visit regularly. Neptune’s Net is an iconic seafood restaurant featured in many Hollywood films. Many beachgoers, bikers, and seafood fanatics find themselves there in the weekends.


Food aside, luxury comes in many forms in Malibu. Especially real estate listings in Malibu. There are many luxury neighborhoods in Malibu that have houses of different sizes and styles. North of Malibu, you can find gigantic mansions overlooking the ocean. Closer to Point Dume, you can find secluded houses by the cliffs of Point Dume, and also smaller townhome setups for the family-friendly. Take a drive down Pacific Coast Highway towards Santa Monica, you will pass by the secluded Old Malibu Road area with luxurious beachfront homes that houses many celebrities. Keep taking Pacific Coast Highway south, and you will pass by Carbon Beach on your right after passing Malibu Pier. Carbon Beach is also known as the Billionaire’s Beach, with panoramic views of the ocean and easy access to Pacific Coast Highway.


The proximity of Malibu to areas such as Santa Monica and Thousand Oaks make it convenient enough to get to the city, but also you are far away enough from the crowds and noises. You can enjoy peace of mind like living in the countryside, while you are only a drive away from civilization. That is why many celebrities and business executives choose to live here in Malibu, not only because of the luxury part but also the exclusiveness and escape from the crowds and noises of busy Los Angeles.


In essence, Malibu is the staple of West Coast Living. It is on the pinnacle of luxury real estate around the world. To live in Malibu means you have access to the world-class dining options, natural beauty that is surrounding you, and also the connections you will be able to make being neighbors with some of the world’s most successful individuals. If you are a beachgoer it is a perfect spot for you. Beach activities here are unlimited, you can go tanning, surfing, diving, fishing, all kinds of fun activities you can partake in. Still not convinced? Matt Rapf was born and raised in Malibu, so he knows everything about Malibu to help you find your dream house in Malibu. Visit Matt’s Website and be sure to check regularly on the listings to see if any new available properties come up. Finding a house is hard, and finding your dream house is even harder. That is why Matt is here to help you with all of your questions and concerns.

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