5 Tips for Buying and Selling Malibu Real Estate

5 Tips for Buying and Selling Malibu Real Estate

High demand and low interest rates continue to drive housing sales this month. In these post recession times, lower and mid range housing is surging upwards in price, while upper-end housing prices are stabilizing. Here I’m going to relay 5 tips for buying and selling Malibu real estate.

Malibu real estate must be categorized in a class of it’s own. No where else in the world is the market for luxury homes so accessible than here in Malibu.

Tip #1: Keep it Simple

5 Tips for Buying and Selling Malibu Real Estate, malibu real estate

Most people think that selling houses comprises of complicated algorithms and complex marketing schemes to get the biggest bang for your buck. However it’s really the most simple things that make a huge difference when it comes to selling your Malibu home. I have seen enough homes sold that I know exactly what attracts a buyers, and quickly.

Tip #2: Make it attractive

First off, make sure that your landscaping is up to date. Adding in plants that do well naturally in our Malibu climate are a great selling point. You can highlight the eco-friendly nature of your landscaping as native plants don’t take as much water as non-native plants. When it comes to staging your home, make sure to take all personal items out. Put away the family photos and the kids’ school stuff. Also de-cluttering is a must. Try to make the living area seem as empty as possible so potential buyers can see their own style in the house. Remove half of your clothes from the closets so it appears to be more than enough room.

Tip #3: Make it clean

The least amount of personal effects while still seeming authentic is the ideal equation for selling homes. Having all carpets steamed clean before the showing is a must. Also have all your windows freshly cleaned as well. It’s really the little things that make a huge difference. Especially when it comes to homes that sell quick and ones that sit.

Tip #4: The Right Real Estate Agent

Finding your perfect fit when it comes to your real estate agent is beyond important. An agent is your first go-to when it comes to buying or selling homes. Your agent should be an expert in the Malibu area and know firsthand the nuances and ins and outs of Malibu real estate. They will know also know things about houses and neighborhoods that only someone trained in the field would know, so be sure to do your research. Look online at their websites, does it seem up-to-date and professional? How about their reviews? Are their listings homes that you would be interested in and in your price range? If so, you are on the right track.

Tip #5: Hire a professional photographer

5 Tips for Buying and Selling Malibu Real Estate, malibu real estate

The first look at your home from potential buyers will be from pictures online. Make sure these pictures are high quality and professional photographs that make your home look well lit, clean, and cozy. An iPhone camera won’t do the trick here, and it will more than pay off to hire a professional that can show case the best parts of your home. If you’re in the market for a house, make sure to look for professional photos before going to see the home. By taking this extra step, it’s more likely they will have taken other measures to make sure the house is in top shape.

We hope these 5 Tips for Buying and Selling Malibu Real Estate have helped you on your home buying or selling journey! Be sure to contact me if you have any additional questions, 310.916.6053.

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