What Buyers Are Looking for in a Malibu Home

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The first item that home buyers in Malibu are looking for is a spectacular view. Malibu is known for the awe-striking coastline and the magical coastal mountains that is humbling to be around. A home with this breathtaking view is attractive to Malibu home buyers because it is what Malibu is all about.


There is lots of appeal in a location that provides safety and security to any family. Celebrities love Malibu because of the ability to have a life, not around the public. 

Beach houses don’t always provide this private lifestyle that one may expect though. Wet sand is public property to walk in most of these places, therefore, living on the beach does not provide the private lifestyle that many are looking for. The public beaches simply provide more visibility for the public eye. Many celebrities choose to pass up these beachfront homes and live in more concealed areas. Neighborhoods with guards are seen as valuable because they provide more security from the public eye. An area like Point Dume provides privacy as well because of the way it is tucked away.


How far is the house from the beach, the country mart, and school? Living close to the water is one of the most important factors in buying a home in Malibu. The ease of beach access is vital for many Malibu home buyers and is what makes homes more appealing to buyers. Being able to take a walk on the beach as the sun is glistening over the waves and sit at the beach with a loved one while the sun is setting over the Pacific is a lifestyle that is desired in Malibu. 

Another factor that is important for homebuyers is the accessibility to shopping, grocery stores, and restaurants. Having a quick drive to necessities like a grocery store adds value to a home because homeowners will have a simpler routine throughout their time living in Malibu. Similarly, being able to get to places like the Malibu Country Mart or the Trancas Country Market is important since there aren’t many other shopping areas in Malibu.

Families prefer to be closer to the schools that serve the Malibu area. These include the 3 elementary schools under the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and the 1 high school that serves the Malibu area.

Natural Light

Natural light makes a house look completely different. When there is diffused natural light, a room is automatically warmer and looks bigger as well. Natural light in Malibu makes any home look better, however, it helps with health as well.

Natural light actually makes people happier from the serotonin that is produced from sunlight. It also reduces stress and anxiety which is important in a home setting. Having natural light in a home will increase the price of the home because buyers are more willing to pay more for an enhanced mood that light offers.


Malibu homebuyers look for high-end homes that provide them the luxury of staying at home. This includes living thee resort-style life with resort-style pools to dip into after tanning in the Malibu rays. Buyers also want Wine rooms that are aesthetically pleasing and practical for a chill night in. I can’t forget movie theatres at the home as well. Reclining theatre chairs, surround sound, and a large movie screen will enhance the appeal of a house for homebuyers who love movie nights with the family.  Another amenity that allows one to feel like they are staying at a resort home is an at-home gym. The practicality of having a gym attached to the house is almost a necessity nowadays for homeowners, so if you are considering adding a gym to your home, know that it will increase the price of your home.

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