About Matt Rapf

About Matt Rapf

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Matt Rapf lives by the golden rule–Love your neighbor as yourself– God’s second-highest commandment. Matt’s goal is to make moving a relaxing and celebratory experience when moving to or from the Malibu area. He shows love to his Malibu neighbors by carrying the stress of a life relocation and by dedicating himself to his real estate clients.

Being born and raised in Malibu, Matt knows the ins and outs of the local building codes, geography, and history of many local homes. Matt provides the most value to selling a home because of his expertise in market analysis in Malibu and Point Dume. He is able to ease the mind of his clients because of his familiarity with Malibu. Matt makes them excited about a new change in Malibu life because he strives to make sure moving is the most fitting transition.

Matt has a deep devotion to pouring his heart out for his clients. He is fighting for them, so they can have a spirit of excitement for the next chapter of their lives. Matt establishes the process of buying one’s Malibu dream house to be filled with celebration, and he further brings joy and peace by selling homes for his clients.

Malibu real estate offers a variety of options. From a house where your first step will be the sand, to a house in the mountains that has an unforgettable view of the ocean. My passion is working as a Malibu real estate agent.

Malibu is a tight knit community. I have longstanding relationships in the area, and understand the different nuances that make each area of Malibu unique. I’m well versed in city building codes, local geology and the history of many local homes. All of this is crucial in a tight market—inside information is key when testing the potential sale of a home, or negotiating for a property before it’s on the market. My clients rely on my ability to get them the information they need to achieve their goals.  And the test of my success is always my clients’ satisfaction with their sale or purchase. My roster of pleased homeowners is a long one (please see my client testimonials.)

Building a long and distinguished real estate career is not easy, but I love what I do.  I consider myself so fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful area. I’m married to my lovely wife Jill and we have two amazing children, Luke and Chloe.


Please contact me to discuss my personalized, detailed marketing strategies for the sale of your home. And whether you’re buying or selling, I will use the power of local knowledge to work for you.