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Why Do I Need a Malibu Real Estate Agent?

Why Do I Need a Malibu Real Estate Agent?

Many people believe that they are fully capable of handling the whole real estate adventure on their own, completely disregarding real estate agents. Unfortunately, whether it be the purchasing of a new home or the selling of their home, almost all homeowners quickly come to the realization that this line of work is no walk in the park. However, there’s great news if you are looking to purchase or rent a property in Malibu!

The Malibu Real Estate Agent
Malibu native and Point Dume local, Matt Rapf has been a Malibu real estate agent for over 25 years. His love for Malibu real estate has been instilled in him from three generations of his family residing here. His late mother, Carol Rapf was considered a Malibu real estate queen for generations and had shed her knowledge and love for the land towards Matt who now carries on her legacy through being a phenomenal Malibu real estate agent.
There are many advantages to partnering with Matt on your journey to finding your Malibu home. Whether it be a beach house that allows you to step right off your property into the sand, a home in the mountains with a scenic view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or simply leasing a home for your family in the tight knit community of Malibu…Matt is your guy!

Local Malibu Real Estate Knowledge
Matt has an abundance of intimate information when it comes to the entire area of Malibu. Because he is a third generation born Malibu native he knows the area in and out which not only helps in searching for the perfect home, but also the perfect area that suits you and your family’s needs and wants. Matt has been inside hundreds of Malibu homes and has researched thousands more to allow him to have a plethora of knowledge for the interiors of all different homes as well as the appropriate pricing.

Local Malibu Real Estate Access
Being the liaison between buyers and sellers of Malibu homes, Matt has easy access to other properties listed by other agents to make your house search a stress-free process. Based off the descriptions you provide, Matt can decipher the type of home you are looking for and where to find it. Not only does this help tremendously, but he also can get in touch with sellers throughout Malibu with one phone call. This eliminates the agonizing phone tag game you will experience otherwise which ultimately leads to houses being sold before you could place a reasonable offer.

Local Malibu Real Estate Agent Negotiating
In a perfect world, the buyer and seller are both reasonable people who can come to terms with minimal debate. Unfortunately, this is not how 99% of transactions work and so Matt is here to help alleviate this issue for you. With his background in Malibu properties he knows how to best convey any concerns by the buyer to the seller in a manner that better positions a discount negotiation. Matt also can play the “bad guy” role in a negotiation because as an agent it is understood that it is part of his job to get the best buy for his buyer. However, if the buyer attempts to negotiate pricing it can result in killed deal because of it coming off as more personal when complaints are being conveyed.

Summary of the Perks to Malibu Real Estate Agent: Matt Rapf
• Malibu Native
• 25+ years of experience
• Intimate knowledge of Malibu homes
• Access to most Malibu homes and agents
• Risks of negotiating are drastically reduced
• Interests mirror the buyers’
• Wants the best for his buyers

Matt has an undying love and appreciation for the area with an in-depth knowledge of the landscape which allows homebuyers the opportunity to possess a real estate guru on their side for finding their dream home. If you are considering to move the family to Malibu or have already made it a mission to do so, Matt Rapf is the best choice for guiding you to your new Malibu estate.

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