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Malibu Beach Homes for Sale

Malibu Beach Homes for Sale Surf in your backyard everyday Malibu beach homes for sale are some of the most sought after in the world. Who doesn't want to live on the beach in Malibu? The perfect weather, amazing surf, and picture perfect views are sights to behold. There's a reason why people from all over the world visit Malibu to see what the hype is all about. Why Malibu? Malibu is the most...

Your Malibu Beach House Awaits You

Malibu Knowledge is Power The power of local knowledge should be the determining factor when considering to purchase or lease a home in Malibu, more specifically a Malibu beach house. With that in mind, you are in luck as real estate agent and guru Matt Rapf is a third-generation Malibu local with a great appreciation for beautiful estates that exemplify the true meaning of ocean living. The Man Behind...

Malibu Beach Homes for Sale: Find Your Ideal Beach Estate

Malibu Beach Homes for Sale: Find Your Ideal Beach Estate Welcome to Malibu Malibu, California owes its name to Native American Indians who originally settled there. The Chumash tribe named the area "Humaliwo", which means "the surf sounds loudly". Until Pacific Coast Highway was built in 1929, Malibu was a highly secluded area. Today, Malibu is world renown for its picturesque scenery and affluent...

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