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Point Dume Malibu Homes for Sale

Point Dume Malibu Homes for Sale Point Dume Malibu Homes for Sale: It's no secret that some of the most sought after real-estate in the world is located in Malibu. A small yet vibrant community, with multiple different neighborhoods, Point Dume is one of the most prime locations in Southern California. A family explores Dume Cove Private Paradise Tucked away on in the bluffs of Malibu's farthest...

The Process of Buying a House

When you think about buying a house it can seem like an exhausting process. Before you know it, you are changing all of your plans to go home - browsing. This process is something that you have to be careful with and research with determination. With help from a real estate agent, the process can become more easy, exciting, and enjoyable. By doing the appropriate research, the keys to that dream house can...

Point Dume Malibu Condos for Sale

As a follow up to my blog on the Point Dume Real State Market, another micro market within our real estate community is the Point Dume Malibu condo market. Clients are always asking me about condos in Point Dume Malibu. People cannot fathom the rapid appreciation that this sector of the market has undergone in the last five years. Why buy a condo at Point Dume Malibu? Little Dume Beach The bottom line is...

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