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Secret Spots in Malibu

Corral Canyon Lookout

If you are looking for a lookout spot high in the mountains of Malibu, take a drive up Corral Canyon. Just past Dan Blocker Beach, turn onto Corral Canyon Road to begin your scenic drive. You will be tempted to stop at the closest pull-off spot, but I encourage you to continue driving up the mountain until the road ends. At the very top of the mountain, you will find yourself looking down on Malibu, surrounded by luscious mountains and wildflowers. From the top of the mountain, you can hike the trail or just sit and enjoy the silence of this serene spot.

Pepperdine Cross Hike

The Pepperdine Cross hike has steep hills and some rough terrain that will surely make you break a sweat. This hike is above Pepperdine University and leads to a cross overlooking the Pacific Ocean. If you are Christian or spiritual, this hike will be rewarding and renewing because of the cross and prayer box that concludes the hike. The trail down is steep with lots of slippery areas, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes. To get to the Pepperdine Cross hike, you will need to enter Pepperdine and tell the security guards that you are visiting campus for the cross hike. After entering campus, drive up to Baxter Drive and park. The trail to the majestic cross begins at the end of this road. 

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

One of my favorite spots to enjoy a prime vacation feeling is at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is a restaurant located right on Paradise Cove Beach known for its tropical drinks and American cuisine that is enjoyed in one of Malibu’s prime spots. You can enjoy your food in their sandy outside dining area or you can eat in the inside booth seating to get out of the sun. I recommend bringing a beach towel with you, so you can enjoy Paradise Cove Beach after enjoying your meal at the cafe. The dramatic cliffs, soft sand, and secluded area make this beach so unique. Beware of parking… it is $50 to park in the Paradise Cove lot or it will be $10 for parking if you spend $30 at the cafe. If you would rather not spend money on parking, you can park on the street and walk up to the beach or cafe.

Sandy Dune

Grab a towel, blanket, and some friends to head to the Malibu Sandy Dune to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The Sandy Dunes are one of the best spots to relax and the sand and take in the natural beauty that Malibu has to offer. You will find couples cuddling, friends hanging out, and families laying on the Sandy Dunes at any time of day. If you are adventurous, you can grab a boogie board or surfboard and glide down the sandhill too. You will need to park on the side of PCH to get to the dunes.

Little Dume Beach

Little Dume Beach is a quiet residential beach that is accessed with a residential key. This beach is great to get away from the Malibu tourists and enjoy a secluded beach day. What celebrities and locals like about Malibu is the ability to have a private life, so this beach is perfect for sheltered days if you are able to get a key to the beach access.

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