Malibu Luxury Real Estate

Malibu is a prime location for luxury real estate in the Greater Los Angeles area. Malibu has been an iconic destination for luxury home buyers. Many of these home buyers include celebrities, musicians, and successful business owners. That is why there is a high concentration of famous people living in Malibu, and chances are if you take a stroll down to Cross Creek area or the Pavillions grocery store...

World Class Real Estate Properties on Malibu Road

Malibu Road is located parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California that nests hundreds of multi-million dollar homes on the beachfront of Malibu. The road is known to some locals as "Old Malibu Road", which its name shows its long history in the quiet beach town of Malibu. The road starts near the Malibu Country Mart on the beach side, cuts behind the Chevron Gas Station near Civic Center...

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