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Interested in Malibu real estate, but don’t know where to begin? Being a Malibu local for over 30 years, I am familiar with every neighborhood and its specific advantages. Of all the Malibu real estate, one of the most highly regarded neighborhoods is Malibu Colony.

Malibu Real Estate: Why Malibu Colony is so sought after

Malibu Colony is a famous, ultra-exclusive neighborhood in the heart of central Malibu. The history, beautiful views, high security, and ideal location of Malibu Colony makes its real estate highly sought after.


Malibu Colony is one of the first developments in Malibu. It started out when the Rindge family, who owned most of Malibu, allowed the wealthiest Hollywood stars to lease. It became a private getaway for these celebrities to escape reality. This community has been exclusive from the beginning. Some of these homes were built over 80 years ago. The diverse collection of these historic cottages from early Hollywood and modern luxury estates combines to make a unique, cozy, eclectic community.

Beautiful views

The location of Malibu Colony along the coast is ideal for stunning views of the ocean. From this spot of land that protrudes out a bit next to Malibu Lagoon makes it to where you can look south all the way to Rancho Palos Verdes, and north all the way to Point Dume. Not only are the extended views remarkable, but also the immediate ocean views right outside of the neighborhood are just as impressive. This is because the mile long stretch of beach that Malibu Colony covers is completely gated. This private beach is not open to the public, so homeowners have access to exclusive views with no crowds.

High security

Malibu Colony attracts the most elite community of the entertainment industry and the corporate world. Malibu Colony has taken measures to ensure their homeowner’s privacy. It is a gated community that is guarded 24 hours a day to secure the area at all times. This makes the community very exclusive and ensures the homeowners have total privacy from the public. These exclusive elements and prime location attract high profile celebrities.

Ideal location

Malibu Colony is located in central Malibu. It is directly across from the Malibu Country Market, Malibu’s largest shopping center. It contains five star restaurants, designer clothing stores, and much more, making it one of the most prime locations in Malibu. This central location is ideal, because you can access the shopping and nightlife of Santa Monica just as easily as the nature in northern Malibu.

If you are looking for a home with beautiful views in safe, private neighborhood, while also being conveniently walking distance to central Malibu, Malibu Colony is for you.

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